international scientific conference

Support and development of mental health in schools

Faculty of Psychology Paneuropean University organizes the international scientific conference with the title “ SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT OF MENTAL HEALTH IN SCHOOLS“. The conference will be held in the occasion of finishing the ERASMUS+ project in the cooperation of Latvia, Lithuania and Slovakia under the auspices of the President of the Slovak Chamber of Pscyhologists on 17th of March 2023. 

17. March 2023

About Conference

The faculty of Psychology of The Pan European University in Bratislava would like to invite you to the international scientific conference ‘Support and development of mental health in schools’.

The conference takes place on the 17/03/2023 on the occasion of the end of the international project ERASMUS+ ‘Supporting teachers to face the challenge of distance teaching’ in cooperation with Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia. The patronage of the conference is taken over by the president of Slovak Chamber of Psychologists, Eva Klímová.

Througout its existence, the faculty of Psychology of The Pan European University has constantly been focusing its scientific research and practical applications towards the fields of mental health, social emotional health, well-being, resiliation, coping with strain and stress in children, youth and adults and it has reached many remarkable and practically applicable results.

The international scientific conference will be attended by renowned experts, primarily psychologists and pedagogues from Slovakia but also experts invited from abroad, including members of ISPA – The International School Psychology Association, who will contribute their professional experience and the results of their scientific research work both in person as well as online. We expect online participation of experts from Italy, Spain, Czech Republic and in person from Lithuania, Latvia, and Belgium.

Scientific committee

doc. PhDr. Eva Naništová, PhD., Paneuropean University, Slovakia, prof. PhDr. Eva Gajdošová, PhD., Paneuropean University, Slovakia, prof. Guna Svence, Riga University, Latvia, prof. Ilze Briška, Riga University, Latvia, prof. Ala Petrulyté, Vilnius University, Lithuania, prof. Marina Mikulajová, PhD., Paneuropean University, Slovakia, prof. PhDr. Stanislav Štech, PhD., Charles University, Czech republic, doc. PhDr. Eva Szobiová, PhD., Paneuropean University, Slovakia, doc. PhDr. Marta Valihorová, PhD., Paneuropean University, Slovakia, doc. Mirka Lazarová, PhD., Masaryk University, Czech republic, Mgr. Denisa Newman, PhD., Paneuropean University, Slovakia, PhDr. Katarína Hennelová, PhD., Paneuropean University, Slovakia, Univ.doc. Veronika Boleková, PhD., Paneuropean University, Slovakia, doc. PhDr. Michal Čerešník, PhD., Paneuropean University, Slovakia

Organizing committee

PhDr. Beáta Dvorská, PhD., PhDr. Dušan Fábik, PhD., Mgr. Veronika Chlebcová, PhD., PhDr. Marek Madro, PhD., Mgr. Silvia Alberty-Majerčáková, PhD., Mgr. Erik Radnoti,PhD., PhDr. Henrieta Roľková, PhD., PaedDr. Zuzana Juráneková, MBA



Dr.Psych. Guna Svence University of Latvia, Department of Psychology


drs. Michaël von Bönninghausen tot Herinkhave, Organization and education psychologist